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Thom Pirone is a leading executive coach, speaker, trainer and consultant based in Tampa, FL. Thom has spent years working with business owners and high performance teams within fast growing companies to provide exceptional results. Thom believes that every team can fulfill a higher purpose when properly led, structured and motivated. Thom has worked with Tampa’s Fast 50 companies to achieve amazing results.


Thom is a very sought after speaker for a variety of topics: Emotional Intelligence, Sales Process, Customer Interaction, Management Techniques, Structure Implementation, Leadership Principles, Personal Development and much more!


Some of the industries that Thom has served are Medical, Technology, Insurance, Manufacturing, Real Estate, Contracting, Finance and more!


Stronghold Training is a highly respected and referred consulting firm based in the Tampa Bay area. Stronghold specializes in customized sales, management and customer service training, coaching and process implementation.

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