About Thom Pirone

Thom Pirone, owner and servant leader of Stronghold Training, is a leading executive coach, trainer, consultant and speaker in the Tampa Bay area. He has inspired thousands of professionals to reach higher ground in leadership, business development and service.

Thom is passionate about helping individuals and businesses exceed their goals, overcome obstacles and create successful environments. Some of the recent projects he has completed with clients include:


  • Designing a custom hiring process for an insurance company that included job benchmarking and a new hire onboarding process
  • Coaching a sales training client who doubled her income
  • Developing and providing training for a medical office on a management coaching and accountability process
  • Presenting a program on building trust in sales to 150+ professionals
  • Performing a Leadership 360 assessment for a leading local CEO to help him improve communication and delegation

Thom is a Certified Professional Behavioral Analyst and Certified Professional Motivators Analyst through Target Training International where he is a member and Value Added Associate. He is a Pinellas Realtor Organization (PRO) Affiliate and is the creator and Lead Coach for PROCoach, PRO’s exclusive REALTOR coaching program. While Thom works in every industry, he specializes in real estate, medical, technology, and insurance companies.

Prior to starting his own business, Thom held a variety of positions, including interim CEO of a field service company; several sales management positions in real estate, pharmaceuticals and telecom; and a coaching and training position with a leadership institute.  Thom is also a 6-year Navy veteran and while serving was awarded Blue Jacket of the Year and two Navy and Marine Corps Service medals for leadership.

Thom earned a BA in Management from Saint Leo University. When he is not working, he enjoys family time: crashing playgrounds, getting ice cream, and being silly with his wife and three young children. He and his family are also very active with their church and church family.  Thom also enjoys the outdoors, kayaking, hiking, biking, and playing guitar.

Our Core Values

Stronghold Training is desperate to make a lasting felt and measurable impact in the organizations and individuals we are blessed to work with. We are not interested in simply making recommendations, but strive to cement in place everything we do.

We deeply and genuinely desire the best for our clients and for all those we have the opportunity to impact. We not only feel this, but we live it out before them with sacrificial service, empathy and honest understanding.

We are passionate about making every single client interaction count. From the simplest phone call to a large keynote presentation, we pour ourselves into every opportunity we are given to inspire others.

We believe in being attentive and energized for even the dullest job duty. We achieve this through a positive attitude, active listening and by eliminating distractions.

We believe that our success stems from our anticipation and excitement to fully deliver everyday. This motivates us to be on time, remain deadline driven and to be prepared.

Our common vision transcends our specific roles and personal ambitions. We are not concerned with titles, job descriptions or tenure. Each one of us is passionate about ensuring the mission is accomplished.

Stronghold Training is a proud partner of TTI Success Insights® (TTI SI), the world’s leading developer of research-based, validated behavioral assessments that enable organizations to use the Science of Self™ to reveal and harness the talent and skills of their greatest asset – their people. This approach leads to more engaged employees, stronger teams and greater productivity.