Learn to hold people accountable without being a "mean boss" and finally get the respect you deserve.

In this highly effective online Masterclass you will develop the ability to:

  • Drive Performance

    Keep your team from falling below performance standards and get them to consistently exceed them.

  • Eliminate Bad Behaviors

    Kill the viral negativity that inhibits team motivation and then drive your team to sustainable results while ensuring their confidence.

  • Ensure Goals Are Met

    Align your team's efforts with the company's goals and finally capitalize on your biggest investment... your team!

  • Gain Confidence

    Gain the confidence you need to lead and manage your team. Know exactly what to say and how to say it, plus what to do if things go sideways.

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What you'll gain when you buy this Management Masterclass:

Learn the Why

Discover the essentials to accountability and uncover why teams avoid this critical management function.

Determine the When

Accountability has a lot to do with timing. Learn not only when to have the difficult conversation, but specifically what should drive you to take action. 

Get the Checklist

We will provide you with a step-by-step guide to the accountability conversation. You will have a fail-safe process for ensuring results. 

Master the Art

Once you understand the science, you will master the art of the accountability conversation, even under the most intense circumstances.

Ensure Accountability & Motivation

You will learn EXACTLY what to do if your employee doesn't comply with your direction and how to positively motivate them for results.

Unpack the Kit

Every tool you need to be effective at holding your team accountable is within this mini-course. From video training sessions, handouts, templates, scripts and more!

About the Trainer: Thom Pirone

Thom is a Certified Professional Motivators Analyst and a Certified Professional Behaviors Analyst and holds a degree in Business Management from Saint Leo University. He has been coaching and training managers for years to lead their teams to greater success and is a well respected expert in leadership development and management techniques. 

"What People Are Saying"

"When I attended the Accountability Workshop I realized that no matter what age or type of business you have, how new or old the company; Thom can provide you and your business the knowledge, tools and skills to take your company to another level."

Sherrie Stone

Broker/Owner, Xpress Property Resource

"Thom has been a great help to me in a variety of ways, from helping train and motivate team members, to planning and executing meetings, to assisting me personally to clarify goals and be a better leader for my organization. I am very lucky to have found Thom and Stronghold and recommend them without reservation!"

David Keith

Owner, David Keith Ophthalmic

"I have worked with Thom for several years and his ability to teach companies how to hire smart, train well, and lead with purpose is evident in his every action. He is able to effectively coach companies in all industries and his dedication to his clients’ success is second to none!"

Supna Doshi

Owner, WeGoKids

"In almost all the businesses I've worked with I have found two things lacking, communication and accountability."

--Thom Pirone

A manager who holds their team accountable will be effective. If we're honest, it is uncomfortable to take a firm stand with employees who are out-of-bounds. In this training you will learn how to hold your team to the standards set without feeling awkward or driving them away.

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