Leadership / Executive Coaching

Many professionals want coaching, but they’re not sure what is right for them. Should I get a life coach? Do I need an executive coach? What’s the difference? Do I just need therapy?! Cost concerns, trust concerns and other reasonable doubts and questions are common. We would be happy to answer these questions for you and help you determine the best fit for you. Schedule a complimentary consultation to discuss your unique needs and potential solutions.
Executive coaching is a highly effective means for personal and professional growth for professionals. No matter where you are in your career, coaching helps you:

  • remain accountable to your goals
  • develop priority balance
  • maintain an emotionally intelligent perspective
  • navigate any storm
  • capitalize on more opportunities
  • optimize your time
  • strategize for success
  • develop leadership traits
  • remain motivated while motivating others
  • create structure for organizational development and team growth
  • communicate effectively with others (especially challenging coworkers and customers)
  • improve public speaking and presentation skills
  • maintain priority stabilization
  • develop in empathy and business acumen
  • improve process and structure within a business or team

In executive coaching you are not provided therapy or life coaching but instead develop strategies for leadership success and implement effective solutions while growing personally at the same time. Coaching provides a level of accountability and clarity better than any other method today. You don’t have to be a top executive or organizational leader to benefit from coaching. We have experience coaching professionals at various career stages within multiple industries.

As an Executive/Leadership coaching member you will receive:

  • Consistent high-impact coaching sessions
  • An executive behaviors/driving forces coaching assessment
  • A leadership 360 peer review (optional)
  • A weekly coaching report
  • Tools to help your team and business succeed

Program Structure & Pricing

We typically meet with our executive coaching clients anywhere from two to four times per month. These sessions last about an hour and can be in person or remote. Executive coaching is affordable to most professionals and we never require a contract.

$150 per session or $125 ea if purchased in pack of 12

The best way to discover if coaching is right for you is to schedule a complimentary session today.