Personal Coaching

Personal coaching, sometimes called “Life Coaching”, is designed to capitalize on an individual’s full potential. Just as athletes and executives employ coaches to help them reach the top of their game, so people from all walks of life can benefit from a personal coach to assist them.

Coaching is different from mentoring in that unlike a mentor, a coach doesn’t seek to always bring the answer. Instead they facilitate a successful method of coaching that helps you develop far beyond what you would have alone. Expert coaches are also expert guides who have learned from thousands of hours of coaching others. They know how to keep your feet from stumbling off the path, they keep you motivated and help you think through and live through all your obstacles and challenges.

• Increased accountability
• Better Personal Discipline
• Strategic planning
• Career coaching
• Improved Time Management
• Effective Goal setting
• Predictable Goal execution
• Increased confidence
• Improved peace of mind
• Clarity of purpose
• Priority stabilization
• Better communication
• Improved relationships
• Lower stress
• Increased energy and zeal for life


$129 per session Or $99ea if purchased in pack of 12