Thom is really engaging and thought provoking! Highly recommend attending one of his trainings or watching his videos. You will apply what you learn that same day with your clients.

Lauren Morbitzer, Sr. Account Manager, DASHealth, Tampa, FL

I recently met Thom at our first day of District 6 Leadership Institute. He lead us through an incredible day of self awareness and provided knowledge we could begin utilizing immediately. It was so impressive, I contacted Thom about some coaching sessions for sales associates at the brokerage. We begin our sessions this month. I saw Thom again this week at a Broker, Coaching and Accountability Workshop at PRO. At that workshop, I began to see the true advantages of coaching skills. No matter what age, what type of business you my have, how new or old the company, I feel Thom can provide you and your business, the knowledge, tools and skills to take your company to another level. We are very excited to begin working with Thom and Stronghold Training!!!!

Sherrie Stone, Broker/Owner, Xpress Property Resource, Clearwater, FL

Thom is AMAZING! Every time I hear we are going to have a meeting with him I get excited. He helps us to not only understand ourselves, but the others who we see everyday and how to have a better relationship/work environment with them. He makes time to have coaching sessions with just you as well, which is great because I enjoy the one on one time. He is so knowledgeable and makes me feel better about who I am and why I am the way that I am! He explains things in a way to where anyone could understand it and is so professional and such a great person. Thank you for all you do for my team I work with Thom!

Veronica Wallace, Optometric Technician, The Eye Doctors, Tampa, FL

I’ve had the pleasure of receiving Thom’s training going on two years now and completely recommend his services. I discovered many strengths that I was able to foster and develop with his guidance. Highly recommended!!

Britt Kruze, Sr. Account Manager, DASHealth, Tampa, FL

Thom is an excellent and engaging coach/trainer. You leave his sessions with tangible take-aways that can be immediately implemented, raising the bar on customer service and client satisfaction.

Keith Wilson, Account Manager, DASHealth, Tampa, FL

I’ve taking a couple of Thom’s Classes and both were very straight forward, informative, and down right awesome. It seems like each time I attend one I feel encouraged to stay the course and stay on top of my business. It’s almost like being in church and the preacher is speaking to everyone but that particular message seems like he/she is speaking straight to you. If you haven’t had at least one encounter with Thom then you are missing out.

Jamie Jackson, Realtor, Keller Williams, St. Petersburg, FL

Thom has gone above and beyond EVERY SINGLE TIME! Not only is he extremely knowledgeable but he truly cares and wants to help YOU. He knows that there is not a one size fits all approach, and caters his coaching to fit your individual needs. I have been more than happy with Thom’s services and would highly recommend him to both the new and struggling agent as well as the experienced agent who wants to take it to the next level!

Bogan Stitzel, Realtor, A Better Life Realty, St. Petersburg, FL

I learned much from the speaker, Thom Pirone! I wish I could put him in my pocket…but, I can’t. There is no easy way…I am taking the tools that he gave me and will utilize them. It is worth it!

Susan Russo, Tampa, FL

I highly recommend Thom and his services.

Dr. Besty Jacob, Optometrist, Lens Crafters, Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Thom Pirone has become a necessary asset to my growth as a business leader. He incorporates his many years of expertise into a program that is diverse and applicable to many different industry scenarios allowing my staff to be prepared in “real world” situations.

CJ Knowell, Sales Manager, MDI, Trinity, FL

Stronghold Training has allowed me to become a better leader and help my team grow. I couldn’t be more thankful for their guidance.

Lynn Bashline, Manager, The Eye Doctors, Tampa, FL

I have worked with Thom for several years and his ability to teach companies how to hire smart, train well, and lead with purpose is evident in his every action. He is able to effectively coach companies in all industries and his dedication to his clients’ success is second to none!

Supna Doshi, Owner, WeGoKids, Palm Harbor, FL

Thom has been a great help to me in a variety of ways, from helping train and motivate team members, to planning and executing meetings, to assisting me personally to clarify goals and be a better leader for my organization. I am very lucky to have found Thom and Stronghold and recommend them without reservation!

David Keith, Owner, David Keith Ophthalmic, Stuart, FL

It was a big decision and one that wasn’t made lightly because of the huge financial commitment to hire Thom. However, it has been 4 months and he hasn’t slowed down his effort and passion each week to enrich our company. The services and training have taken our team and and business to the next level of professionalism and customer service provided. Thank you Thom

Kathleen Vaes, Owner, Envizion Medical, Land O Lakes, FL

Thom & Stronghold Training has helped me grow my business exponentially. The intense training targeted on achieving my goals, managing my time and networking with the right businesses has increased my profits by over 100% this year! Thank you for all you’ve done and continue to do for my and my business Thom. Your leadership training has helped me be a better business owner and leader!

Kristin Pelletier, Owner, Access Computer Training, Tampa, FL

Great speaker. Awesome training classes.

Simone Hughes, Clearwater, FL

I am currently working with Thom and he is an incredible coach. He is literally changing my business every time I meet with him. The best thing about Thom is that can help me on my personal development and my business development and those combined is what is really making an incredible difference. AND I happen to think he’s pretty awesome!

Malia Smiley, Realtor, Charles Rutenberg, Clearwater, FL

Thom does an outstanding job delivering large amounts of information in a fun and informative way. His presentation skills are on par with the best speakers I have seen and I highly recommend him!”

Kisha Linebaugh, Realtor, Re/Max, Tampa, FL

Stronghold’s insight has helped us significantly improve the quality of our customer service and build stronger, healthier relationships with our staff and clients.

Kimberlee Thomas, Manager

Stronghold has been a great help to me, from helping train and motivate team members to planning and executing meetings, to assisting me clarify goals and be a better leader for my organization.

David Keith, Owner

I got more accomplished in one coaching session with Stronghold than I did over an entire year with my former coach.

Xina Rim, Realtor

The structure Stronghold put in place has ensured my team stays organized and executing tasks better than I thought possible.

Faris Awad, Clinic Manager

I like the management tools and resources that were provided, they have really helped me to stay organized.

Ashley Proulx, Front Office Manager

Stronghold Training under promises and over delivers!

Kevin Whaley, Practice Administrator